Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thoughts on the Primary Elections Yesterday

  • In CA-50's congressional race, the Republicans had to spend $4.5 million in a vicious smear campaign to win a deeply GOP district by 4.5 points, a district they won by 22 in 2004. I fail to see how this is good news for the national Republicans. CA-50 is gerrymandered to be a Republican seat. San Diego is in it. And they won it by less than 5. An ill omen for the right.
  • In Alabama, Theocrat Roy Moore ("Mr. Ten Commandments") was crushed in the Republican primary for governor by a 2-1 margin. I guess even Southern Republicans are getting sick and tired of being preached at in political campaigns.
  • Also in Alabama, the Democratic primary apparently pulled in slightly more voters than the Republican one. Interesting.
  • Now, the Democratic campaign effort must go into high gear. Republican Senate candidates are vulnerable in Montana, Arizona, Tennessee, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Ohio. A Democratic gain of 25-30 in the House is quite doable. Schwarzenegger can be dumped in California. Governorships in Ohio and New York are there for the taking.
  • In my district, the Democratic candidate is JOHN PAVICH. Send him some love!

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