Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PBS's Frontline: Cheney Was the Driving Force in the Iraq War Fiasco

Disbelief. Frustration. Deep anger. These are the reactions I predict you'll have if you watch a rebroadcast of PBS's Frontline documentary, "The Dark Side". (Not able to see a rebroadcast? Then watch it online here beginning Thursday afternoon.) The meticulously researched show leaves no doubt in one's mind: Cheney manipulated and pressured the intelligence community to give Administration officials confirmation of their pre-conceived notions, mainly that Iraq had WMDs and that Al Qaeda and Saddam were connected. Never has Cheney's role been laid out so clearly--or so damningly. Watch it if you can.
And then renew your determination to politically neuter this bastard on Tuesday, 7 November.

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