Monday, June 19, 2006

Republican Child Molester Helping to Run GOP Campaign in Arizona

This kind of thing has become so disgustingly typical that I really can't say I'm surprised any more:
A man convicted of "corruption of minors" after being accused of having sex with two teenage girls is working as the campaign manager for a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona, according to documents obtained by ABC News. Steve Aiken, a former Quakertown, Pa. police officer and self-proclaimed reverend, was convicted of two counts of corruption of a minor stemming from his 1995 sexual relationships with two teenage girls. He served almost two-and-a-half months at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.Aiken is listed as campaign manager for Randy Graf, a Republican in a five-way primary for the Congressional seat in Arizona's 8th district.
Since his conviction, Aiken also has worked as a spokesperson for the Traditional Values Coalition, a Washington lobby group that represents over 43,000 churches. A spokesman for the Coalition would only say, "He is no longer with us."
They hired the son of a bitch AFTER his conviction?? Didn't they check??
Aiken says the Secret Service raised his convictions when he was invited to a White House event in Sept. 2004. Aiken says he was eventually able to explain and gain access to a series of special briefings for Republicans inside the White House. [Emphasis added]
Well, Thank God he's not one of those morally degenerate liberals. He could never have gotten a briefing in the White House if he sank that low.
He still has good conservative values. After all, he's only a child rapist.

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