Monday, June 12, 2006

Ten Million Democrats X $10 a Month=Victory in November

Think of the possibilities for change in America if we can get 10,000,000 Democratic voters to chip in $10 a month to either the Democratic candidate of their choice or to one of the national Democratic organizations (DSCC, DCCC, DNC, etc.) If started THIS MONTH and continued into the first week of November, we're talking SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for the Democratic midterm campaign. Think of it--a Republican Party that is inundated by the true, unstoppable power of the Democratic grass roots. And it could be done, if enough of us generate enough noise about this.
In California, 6,745,485 people voted for Kerry. Less than one sixth of them (1 million) kicking in a ten spot monthly means $60,000,000 for Democrats in California (or nationally).
In Illinois, 2,891,550 people voted for Kerry. Half a million of them spending $10 a month means $30,000,000 for Democrats in Illinois (or nationally).
Nationwide, 59,028,439 people (officially) voted for Kerry. A little more than one-sixth of them giving a mere $10 a month helps us meet our goal. It IS doable!
This idea needs our support and our help. We need to get this rolling. The concept is simple. The cost per contributor would be small. But the cumulative effect would be huge. Additionally, since 2006 will be a BASE ELECTION, this movement would rally our base STRONGLY.
No more talk; no more beating around the Bush (ha!). Let's hit those right wing bastards with $600,000,000--and watch them go down to defeat--Big Time, as Cheney would say.
(Thanks to Dave Leip's site for the stats.)


Bob said...

MoveOn has begun such a contribution program asking 10,000 (as I recall) of its members to contribute at least $15 per month until election day. Perhaps you could expand on that program.

Joseph said...

It's worth a shot, bob. Contact everyone on your e-mail list and tell them about it (and have them contact their people, and so on).