Sunday, June 18, 2006

Again: Traitor Rove Was NOT Exonerated; He Simply Got Away With It

Arianna Huffington demolishes the idiocy and lies surrounding Karl Rove's escape from indictment in this typically powerful post:
But even if he's never charged, Rove still confirmed the identity of a covert CIA operative to Bob Novak who then published it. He leaked it to Matt Cooper who, unlike either Novak, tried to expose what the Bush White House was up to. Rove then lied about being the source of the leak for a year, in the process hanging Scott McClellan out to dry by letting him tell the press and the American public that Rove had assured him he had no involvement with the leak.

And, even if you believe Rove's improbable tale that his conversation with Cooper had somehow slipped his mind, he was reminded of it by Viveca Novak via Luskin by the spring of 2004 and could easily have ended Cooper and Time's prolonged fight to protect him as a source and told the president that he had been one of the leakers (saving his boss from the embarrassment of vowing to fire anyone involved, then pulling back on that pledge once it became clear that that would mean cutting loose his beloved Turd Blossom).
Rove: Professional smear artist. Pathological liar. Traitor. A person who puts the interests of the Republican Party above all and doesn't give a damn about America.
That's why he's the Boy King's favorite advisor.

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