Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CBS: No "Bush Bounce" After Zarqawi Killing

I know most of the MSM is hoping that their beloved Georgie will gain in popularity after the (long-overdue) killing of the terrorist bastard Zarqawi this past week, but it ain't happening, at least according to CBS:
Zarqawi's killing hasn't helped President Bush with the public, either. His overall job approval rating remains just 33 percent — down slightly from 35 percent last month — while 60 percent disapprove. [Emphasis added]
Mr. Bush's approval rating for handling the war in Iraq is unchanged at 33 percent, while approval for his handling of terrorism remains just below 50 percent.
The president also gets mostly poor marks on domestic issues, with just one in three Americans saying they approve of how he's handling both immigration and the economy.
Americans are, on the whole, not stupid. They know this country, under the inept and malicious governance of His Fraudulency, is spiraling downward. One killing of a major terrorist, however welcome it is, will not change the overall course of things. Some other polls may give Bush a temporary "bounce" that will be trumpeted by his obedient, lapdog media allies, but it won't last. He's through, and everyone knows it.

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