Friday, June 23, 2006

"Are You an Ann Coulter Republican?"

Bingo! EXACTLY the question we need to start asking every prominent Republican in the country. We need to wrap America's #1 crack whore around the neck of the right wingers--and watch them squirm and try to weasel out of a response.
If the pundit-class Democrats were waiting for an engraved invitation [for an opportunity to demonize the Republicans], it just arrived.

The question, "Are you an Ann Coulter Republican?" should confront every Republican running for every office in the land, from President to dog catcher. Every Democratic candidate should accuse his or her opponent of being in favor of poisoning Supreme Court Justices and killing Congressmen. At every opportunity, every Republican should be made to answer: "Do you agree with Ann Coulter that the 9/11 widows are witches and harpies?" And George W. Bush, Tony Snow, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush and Barney (the only lapdog with a good excuse) should be confronted with these questions as well.

Republicans have been able to maintain a Kabuki symbiosis with all manner of cave-dwellers by speaking in an elaborate, dog whistle-like code. They hold racists, homophobes and rapture acolytes close enough to keep their votes without ever having to either publicly embrace or disavow such extreme viewpoints. That relationship with white-sheet America has been essential to their electoral strategy for decades.

But Ann Coulter has furnished us with a turn-key solution. We can now easily put them in the logical fork they should have been forced into years ago: disavow Coulter's vile, sub-human ravings, or embrace them. If they distance themselves from her, they risk alienating the mouth-breathers who demand such red meat as the price of their loyalty. If they embrace her, they lose significant swaths of the middle - the decent folks who are the reason Republicans talk about Dred Scott and "state's rights" rather than criminalizing abortion and gutting civil rights laws. ...

Many lefties wonder why we give Coulter the prominence she so clearly craves. They think we lose by raising her profile. But I think she is exactly the hate-contorted face we want on the Republican Party. We need to make Ann Coulter the third rail of Republican politics, just as Michael Moore was for Democrats two years ago. (They can be equally significant as symbols; there is obviously no comparison in talent or accuracy.) [Emphasis added.]

How will the Republicans choose? It matters little, so long as we force them to go one way or the other. Humanity lines up against her. But if they prefer to align with her, perhaps we can finally have an honest confrontation between an unmasked, rabid radical right and the rest of us.
Oh baby! I couldn't have said it better. As I've said before, Ann Coulter IS the Republican Party. She says what a lot of the rest of them think. Not only should we hold that wretched asshole herself accountable, we should hold the entire Republican Party acountable for her. So remember, when confronting a Republican politician, ask the magic words:
"Are you an Ann Coulter Republican?"


Anonymous said...

why are you so angry? Lighten up!

Joseph said...

I'm angry because the country I love, the country I grew up in, is being destroyed by right wing psychopaths, frauds, and fanatics. I'm having a hard time dealing with it calmly. America is dying--and it enrages me.

Joseph said...
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