Monday, June 26, 2006

Kos Fires Back at Right Wing Clown David Brooks

Since conservative New York Times columnist and Bush apologist David Brooks has seen fit to attack the entire Democratic/liberal/progressive/left blogosphere, our friends at Daily Kos (who have been the specific target of Brooks' ire) led by mcjoan, have decided to fire back. It's both devastating and hilarious. Brooks is exposed as the very articulate wanker and fraud that he actually is. I enjoyed it tremendously.
The sheer damned nerve of someone like Brooks is amazing to me. Right wing hate radio has been spewing out lies and filth for more than a decade. Republican shills Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly call anyone who dares to criticize Dear Leader a traitor and a terrorist lover. Republican campaign operatives, led by Karl Rove, attack Democrats with every vile, despicable charge imaginable. (My "favorite": a Republican National Committee pamphlet in 2004 which said that Democrats want to outlaw the Bible!!) And who is responsible for lowering the national level of discourse? Why, us, of course, in the Dem/Lib/Prog/Left blogosphere! What a crock.
Hey Davey boy. It's called fighting back. I know you prefer your Democrats to be all cringing and apologetic and meek. Too bad. You and the other conservative shills are helping to destroy our country by aiding and abetting the worst collection of liars and outright thieves in American history. Those of us in the opposition are going to fight you tooth and nail. If you don't like it, that 's too bad.
Deal with it.

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