Friday, June 16, 2006

The Republican Strategy for 2006: Smear the Democrats as Weak, and Run on the Corpses of 9/11

This memo from the House Republican leadership lays out the essence of the Republican strategy in the upcoming election: smear the Democrats as weak and cowardly and invoke 9/11 as an excuse for Iraq again and again and again. (By the way, isn't it interesting that Republican cretins use the term "Democrat Party" instead of Democratic. I guess adjectives are tricky for them.)
I suppose after all the years I've spent studying Republican campaign filth I shouldn't be surprised or shocked, but I still am. There is literally NOTHING Republicans will not do to win. There is no lie, no trick, no dishonesty, no slander to which they will not stoop. From the Republican National Committee distributing a pamphlet in 2004 which claimed that Democrats wanted to "outlaw the Bible" (!!) to Republican brownshirts in Congress braying that Democrats "support Al Qaeda", the Republicans have shown a willingness to sink to gutter level repeatedly. They have to be fought; they have to be defeated. So it's time for Joe the Broken Record to repeat the following:
  • Recruit as many people as you can to kick $10 a month in for their favorite Democratic candidate.
  • Don't let the Republicans count the votes. Take legal action if necessary to demand a verifiable voting paper trail. Fight the installation of Diebold touchscreen voting.
  • Attack right wing assholes online, on TV, and in the print media. Write e-mails and letters, especially to media idiots like Chris Matthews who relentlessly smear Democrats and kiss Bush's ass. Let these Republican media whores feel the heat--big time.
  • Register as many new Democrats as you can, and get them to the polls on 7 November.
  • Volunteer your time to Democratic campaigns.

Folks, we are in a war for national survival here. Traitor Karl Rove is already implementing his newest slanders and spreading his latest bullshit. Are you just going to sit there and take it--or are you going to fight back?

I know it sounds cliched, but it's true--our children need us to do this. Please, in the name of what is right and decent, don't let them down.

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