Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Contact EVERYONE On Your E-Mail List for Pro-Democratic Contributions

Yesterday, I announced my 10 million Democrats times 10 bucks a month drive. You can help. First, contribute yourself. (I have!) Next, contact all your Democratic (and Democratic leaning) friends. Here are some places you can kick in for a Democratic victory in November:
http://www.democrats.org/ (Democratic National Committee)
http://www.dccc.org/ (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)
http://www.dscc.org/ (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)
http://pavichforcongress.com/ (John Pavich, Democratic candidate, IL-11)
http://www.actblue.com/ (Act Blue, progressive fund raising site)
The Republicans have money POURING in from right wing fanatics and business interests. In American politics, money=victory. Make sure the Democrats have the weapons they need to win in November and turn this country around!

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