Sunday, June 25, 2006

Russ Feingold: My Kind of Democrat

In regard to Connecticut's primary battle, he hits EXACTLY the right note: he will support the winner of the Democratic Primary, whoever it is. That, by the way, is something Joe Lieberman refuses to say. Money quote:
Senator Feingold gets it. This is not about betraying a member of the Senate Democratic caucus or about sending the right or wrong signal to the Beltway press. This is about democracy in action. This is about allowing Democratic voters, and not the party bosses, decide the fate of the party. And no matter how the Democratic electorate in Connecticut votes in August -- whether it is to renominate Joe Lieberman for a fourth time or to give Ned Lamont the opportunity to run in the general election -- Democrats should, just like Russ Feingold, pledge to support the Democratic nominee.
Damn straight. I'll even--choke--support Lieberman, if only to keep the seat (nominally) Democratic.
But I'm still for Ned Lamont.

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