Monday, June 05, 2006

The "Marriage Amendment" is a Fraud

As Marty Kaplan on Huffpo demonstrates here, the so-called "marriage amendment" outlawing gay marriage is simply part of the outrageous game Karl Rove is playing to divert our attention away from the various catastrophes spawned by the Bush Admnistration. You say Iraq is imploding? Gays want to marry! You say our country's debt-ridden economy is on the brink of disaster? Gays want to marry! You say our disaster preparation is a joke? Gays want to marry! You say Bin Laden is still on the loose? Gays want to marry! You say the environment is under siege? Gays want to marry! You say health care costs are eating people alive? Gays want to marry!
You get the picture.
This naked, disgusting pandering to the vicious rightwing fanatics that make up the core of the Republican Party is nothing but a distraction. Along with Bill Frist's utterly idiotic anti-flag burning measure, it is an attempt to get us to ignore a set of problems so grave that if said problems are not addressed, our country will face inevitable collapse. The Republicans have NOTHING to run on this year, absolutely NOTHING. Our country is a mess and over 70% of our people know it. Faced with electoral ruin, the Republicans are going to try what they do best: appeals to hatred, bigotry, and fear.
Only you and I can stop them from making it work--again.

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