Sunday, June 11, 2006

Right Wing Fanatics at Wall Street Journal Trying to Remove Fitzgerald

The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, long a cesspool of right wing lunacy, is now engaged in an apparently coordinated attempt to have Patrick Fitzgerald--a man of impeccable integrity--removed from the Plame invesitigation and replaced with a Bush toad. This post has the goods:
All is quiet from the prosecutors of “Scooter” Libby, a traitor in our midst.

But that didn’t keep the Wall Street Journal from issuing an editorial salvo against the squeaky clean U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

What’s more astounding is that the Wall Street Journal editorial posted on June 6, 2006, still claims that the Niger uranium allegations were true. This is all the more remarkable considering that Vanity Fair just published an article in which 9 former intelligence and military officers, on the record, declared that the Niger uranium claims were a deliberately deceptive action taken on the part of the White House.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has been known for being more skilled in fiction writing than providing opinion and once again this attack on Patrick Fitzgerald, a U.S. Attorney enforcing the law, proves this to be true.
The National Review has joined in the attack, and a few weeks ago I saw disgusting Republican troll Ben Stein refer to Fitzgerald as a "thug". (My God, coming from one of Nixon's die-hards, that really is psychological projection.) You can bet your bottom dollar that this is all ultimately coming from and being coordinated by Traitor Karl Rove, who is in fear of his own possible indictment.
Well, I guess if a cancerous tumor was conscious, it would be frightened of the surgeon who was coming to cut it out.

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