Monday, June 19, 2006

Andrew Sullivan: "What's Really Happening at Gitmo?"

Sully runs this profoundly disturbing piece today. If only a small part of it turns out to be true in the end, it's appalling. Bush, Cheney, and Attorney General Gonzales have authorized brutal and savage treatment of terror suspects--whether those suspects have been shown to be actual terrorists or not. This treatment makes a mockery of American ideals and has dragged us into the very territory which we accuse (rightly) our enemies of occupying.

Look, I know the Islamist terrorists are bastards. I know they treat their own prisoners atrociously. Is that really the standard of behavior to which we want to be held? I know there are plenty of Americans who cheer what's being done at Guantanamo. And many more refuse to believe it. (For many months, I was one of the latter.) But the evidence is getting too overwhelming to ignore. All real patriots should find these accusations deeply troubling. It is simply one more terrible chapter in the sordid, atrocious story of the catastrophe that is the Bush Republican administration.

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