Monday, January 23, 2006

Want to See the Financial Catastrophe Bush and the Republican Congress Are Creating?

Then look here and here. This isn't some whacked out ultra-leftwing site reporting this; this is the freaking Government Accountability Office, for crying out loud. This is the impact of unbridled spending paired with unprecedented tax cuts in wartime.

I'd also like you to take a look at this graph the GAO prepared. You'll notice that the 1990s (Clinton) was a period of unparalleled fiscal responsibility. You'll also notice that the 1980s (Reagan) and 2000s (the Boy Emperor) were/are periods of rampant fiscal irresponsibility and a disastrous growth in the national debt

The message is clear: Republican financial policies are driving this country into disaster. Only a Democratic victory in 2006 and a succession of Democratic presidencies starting in January 2009 has any chance of saving our country from ruin.

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