Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Andrew Sullivan Gets It (Mostly) Right

I have sharply disagreed with Sullivan on many issues, but here I think he nails the essence of Bush's arrogant, King-like contempt for our Constitution:

We're not talking strict constructionism here. We're talking about a president who believes that he alone can determine any policy even vaguely related to a war that he has redefined as a permanent condition for the indefinite future. My best guess is that we've only begun to find out what powers he has secretly assigned to himself. I certainly don't trust him not to authorize torture again in the future. The only recourse is the press and the Congress. The Courts are in the process of being stacked with men and women completely deferent to executive power. I'm beginning to believe that Democratic retaking of at least one half of the Congress this year is essential to resisting the potential dangers of our current situation. And I'd say the same if we had a Democratic president with Bush's contempt for the rule of law, and if the Republicans were the party in opposition.
Well said. So why do I say he gets it mostly right? Because the retaking by the Democrats of BOTH houses of Congress is what will finally bring The Boy Emperor's efforts to gut our nation's fundamental law crashing down.

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