Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dear Friends: Type the Name Margie Schoedinger Into Google

See what you get. I had never heard of her until today, but apparently in 2002 she filed a suit against George W. Bush for an alleged rape committed in the 90s. The suit was dismissed in 2003, but not for lack of evidence.

You see, Ms. Schoedinger "killed herself" by means of a gunshot wound to the head. You can read about the case by following the links contained here.

Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for all this. For my part, I follow the national news and politics as closely as anyone I know. Why didn't I ever hear of this?

And for that matter, why didn't you?


pablo said...


Lance said...

I'm certain that if it is shown he copped a feel or violently forced some Presidential love into her, he did so with the American People's security in mind.

michelnelson5968 said...

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Anja Maria said...

Apparently some people in the international community noticed it. But not many. This German blog (I swear, sometimes they know more about our politics than we do) discussed the issue not long after it occurred -


At the end of 2002, a woman raised an accusation against George W. Bush. Nine months later, she is dead. Truth or insanity? [That was originally a link, but the link is dead; the story's been removed.] (via

First, one is astonished... and then one becomes curious. The link above leads us to the Thought Box of a label (Guerilla Radio). Since I was looking for something rather substantial, I left the site again; they did not strike me as being very serious.

Anyway, the first time I searched for "Margie Schoedinger," I found this under the first 10 results.

Lower down this page (by the Updates) is where the message first became published. (Here: Fort Bend Star) The appropriate link, however, leads to nothing. Here is the original article of the Fort Bend Star (Author: LeaAnne Klentzman). Then the story was apparently pursued further by WorldNetDaily, and see... they struck gold.


This is the other very good link I found.

I don't want to believe that media censorship has gone so far, any more than I want to believe Schoedinger's allegations are true - but some people obviously knew about it, and with a case like this, you'd think the story would be everywhere. I share Thoreau's question, "If this had happened to Clinton when he was in the White House, do you think the story would have been covered non-stop on FOX, CNN and the right-wing talk shows?"

And if the MSM is so tightly under the control of Bush's administration... who is going to tell us about it?

Interesting as it relates to the discussion today. But also very sad, whether the story is true or not.

Joseph said...

Excellent work, Anja!