Sunday, January 01, 2006

Haw! I Love It When O'Reilly Gets His Ass Ripped

As in this wonderful article in Raw Story. O'Reilly is a lying, pathological blowhard who lately has been spending his time trying to whip up Fox viewers about a so-called "War on Christmas". Here's a key graph about this:

He claimed a town in Michigan had banned red and green clothing. Lie. He claimed a school in Texas had done the same. Another lie. He claimed the post office no longer offered Christian - themed stamps. That lie's so obvious anyone who's been to a Post Office should be able to spot it a mile away. He said a school in Wisconsin changed the lyrics to "Silent Night." You guessed it: big fat lie. It's as if he's his very own Santy Claus, only hateful and less genuine.

There's a lot, lot more about all Billy Boy's lies and smears in the article. It's fun to read.

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