Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Moderate Voice: Swiftboating of Murtha Well Under Way

The story is here. Among the key quotes:

Isn't this now becoming a PATTERN in this country?

Someone prominent speaks out against the Bush administration.

A website or something emerges that casts them in a bad light.

A multi-pronged (website, conservative talk radio) campaign immediately starts aimed at bringing them down several notches so they are discredited and the actual content of their message is diminished and therefore not as politically damaging to the administration.

This filters into the mainstream media, which reports on the controversy forcing the person on the defensive. It WORKS if the news media stays neutral or takes the attackers' side. It CAN FAIL if the news media is skeptical of the original allegations and/or mentions there is an apparent political strategical motive for the attack surfacing when it does.

There is no seemingly iron-clad, direct connection to the White House or the GOP but there sure do seem an awful lot of interesting little coincidences going on. (And you can say THAT without a tinfoil hat...)

This is the same filth being peddled by the same rat-bastards that smeared John Kerry. It's being directed with the conscious knowledge AND DIRECT PERSONAL APPROVAL of Bush. I would stake my life on it.

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