Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoff Starts Singing, Republicans Start Sweating

Republican fixer and con-man Jack Abramoff has started cooperating with prosecutors in regard to the huge Republican Congressional scandal beginning to unfold in Washington. As I've indicated before, all the key Republican players in Washington are involved, including traitor-smear artist extraordinaire Karl Rove, sanctimonious thief Ralph Reed, anti-government fanatic Grover Norquist, and Republican criminal Tom DeLay, who's a crook right down to his toenails. Despite misleading right-wing propaganda that scandal in Washington affects "both parties", don't buy it: the vast majority of people on Abramoff's payroll are right-wing punks who like to lecture people about morality while taking dirty money wherever they can find it. I hope Abramoff sends every Republican bastard in Washington to jail.
Not that I'm angry or vindictive or anything.

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