Monday, January 16, 2006

Religious Right Fraud Ralph Reed Up to His Neck in Abramoff Scandal

You can read all about it here.

I know and love many, many Christians, but I don't love sanctimonious, thieving, lying right-wing Republican criminals who shout about their holiness and righteousness and then break evey single rule with impunity. Ralph Reed is one of the worst of these people, a stalking horse for the evil, demented Pat Robertson and a friend of Jack Abramoff for 25 freaking years. He's a hypocrite and a con-man and, by God, it's time his squalid little fifteen minutes were brought to an end.
I particularly like this quote from the article, by the way:
"Ralph Reed? He's a politician," said David Loudenflager, a Republican who retired after working 32 years for the Arrow Shirt Company. "He was involved with Jack Abramoff and the Indians and all those."

Loudenflager does not like the Democratic Party -- "they give away everything" -- but he puts no stock in the Christian Coalition: "All these people running around telling you how good they are, and how right they are. You better be careful and hold on to your wallet."

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