Monday, January 16, 2006

Bush's Administration: Both Incompetent AND Dishonest

Take it from one of my favorite women, Molly Ivins. This was supposed to be the Administration that was run like a business. Instead, it's being run like a Farrelly Brothers movie.


Some of the press is starting to get the drill. Give us something like the West Virginia coal mine disaster, and instead of standing around emoting like Geraldo Rivera, a few reporters have enough sense to ask the obvious question: What is this mine's safety record? And when it turns out to be abysmal, a few more reporters have enough sense to ask: Who's in charge of doing something after a mine gets 205 safety violations in one year? Where's the Mine Safety and Health Administration? Who runs it? What's their background -- are they professionals or mining industry stooges? Who's the Michael "Heckuvajob" Brown in this outfit? Why are so many jobs at MSHA just left completely unfilled? How much has MSHA's budget been cut since 2001 to pay for tax cuts for the rich?

The great irony is that this was supposed to be the CEO administration. Bush was supposed to put people in charge of government who had track records in private industry, who did in fact know how to run a railroad. For just sheer incompetence, this administration sets new records daily. All those years the right wing sat around yammering about government incompetence, and it took this administration to make it true
Additionally, Ivins points out, the IRS now focuses its audit efforts on the poorest taxpayers, not the richest ones, allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to be stolen from the Treasury in the process. Arrgghhh!
My only hope is that America will survive these looting, thieving right-wing criminals and that the true history of these times will someday be written.
But I'm not hopeful.

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