Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Democratic Objective in 2006: Victory

Happy New Year to you! As we start out 2006, there are a lot of hopes we have, especially those for the well being of our loved ones. Part of my hope for those dear to me is the conviction that this year will mark the start of the downfall of the political right wing and the beginning of our country's salvation. The Democratic Party's goal must be simple and straightforward:
This means:
Taking back the House of Representatives
Taking back the Senate
Taking the majority of the nation's governors
Winning a huge new number of seats in the state legislatures
Winning a multitude of new local offices
We are raising the money, we are recruiting the candidates, we are waging and winning the war of ideas. The Republicans are running scared. I say let's keep them that way. This year is a golden opportunity for the Democrats. There are at least seven Republican Senate seats that are ripe for the taking. There are at least 40 Republican House districts that are within our grasp. Democrats can win governorships in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, California. Florida, and a number of other states. We have the issues in our favor, too.
  • The sewer of Republican corruption from Washington, D.C. to the local level.
  • The utter and complete mismanagement of the Iraq War, not to mention the avalanche of lies about its origins.
  • The monster deficit.
  • The "good" economy that's being sustained completely by borrowing and debt accumulation.
  • The Republican attempt to destroy Social Security.
  • The iron control of the Republican Party by far-right religious fanatics who have attempted to interject themselves into the most intimate areas of personal life. From Schiavo to the attempt to restrict or outlaw birth control, a lot of Americans are fed up with the lunatic right's attempt to run everybody else's lives.

So there it is: the task and the opportunity of the Democratic Party. On the success of the Democrats rests the hopes for our nation's future. I'm committing myself to a sweeping Democratic victory, and I hope you'll join me. Our loved ones are counting on us.

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