Monday, September 05, 2005

He Was Supposed to Keep Us Safe, Remember?

Cam Kerry weighs in on the staggering incompetence and failure of the Bush Administration.

Security was supposed to be Dubya's strength. It was the principal reason he was "re-elected" last November. But it was all a sham. This country is less secure than it was in January 2001. And many people (about 40% in most polls) still think Bush is doing a good job!! My God, what will it take to get them to see through him? An American city destroyed by a nuclear weapon that Bush's bumbling Homeland Security department let across our borders?


Anonymous said...

Here sits another Liberal Crying foul play... Get over yourself.

Joseph said...

What I was calling a sham was Bush's phony promise to do a better job protecting us than Kerry would have. Although I have my doubts about the validity of Bush's election win last November, the principal thrust of my post was to criticize Bush for his ineptitude and incompetence in the face of the horrendous New Orleans disaster.