Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Will We See Justice?

In the 1990s, right-wing, conservative Republican fanatics made up a host of "scandals" involving Bill Clinton, the vast majority of which were simply conjured up out of thin air. Whitewater is the most notorious one. This is the "scandal" that eventually led Kenneth Starr to brutally violate Bill Clinton's privacy and drag the whole nation into his lurid, bizarre sexual obsessions, embarrassing the whole nation. The entire country was turned upside down over Clinton lying in a civil suit. How many FBI agents were diverted from antiterrorism activities and ordered to devote their time to nailing Clinton on something--anything--to bring down his Presidency? Whenever Clinton did make (hesitant) efforts to strike physically at terrorists, Republicans screamed that he was doing so in an effort to "wag the dog", i.e., divert attention from his problems. Through a campaign of relentless lies and distortions, topped off by a political coup d'etat in Florida by which the Republicans stole the 2000 election from its legitimate winner, Al Gore, the rightwing fanatics seized power. Their atrocious misrule, dishonesty, and incompetence have done incalculable damage to America.

So when will we see justice for all this?

When will we see the conservative Republican criminals who manipulated California's energy crisis brought to justice?

When will Bush buddy "Kenny Boy" Lay go to prison for the Enron collapse/scandal?

When will we see a full mainstream media accounting of the Bush family's LONG history of dishonest business dealings, including those of the "President's" fantastically corrupt, criminal brother Neil?

When will we get some straight answers about the EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS that has gone missing in Iraq, money the Republicans claim is merely an accounting error?

When we will we see prosecutions AT THE HIGHEST level for the hideous and illegal use of barbaric torture against prisoners in the current war?

ANY ONE OF THESE GENUINE SCANDALS IS A HUNDRED TIMES WORSE THAN ANYTHING BILL CLINTON WAS IMPEACHED FOR. It's just that the Republicans are in power now, and much of the news media are in bed with them.

How long, Oh Lord, how long?

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