Monday, September 12, 2005

Democrats: Think Big for 2006

In late July I wrote a diary in Daily Kos that advocated a broadly based Democratic campaign for the House next year. I said that we should be bold and go for a 75 seat gain. (The original diary is here.) It's not that I realistically think that such a gain will happen; it's just that we increase our odds and force the Republicans to defend more territory. Some people thought I was nuts to propose such a thing.

Now, in Emerging Democratic Majority, I see my opinion echoed. Expand the field in 2006. Don't confine the Democrats to contesting a mere 25 seats. (My motto: no free rides for any Republican, anywhere.)Force the GOP on defense, big time.

And you know, it might work. The most recent Newsweek poll on the Congressional election has the Democrats leading 50-38 in the generic House ballot. If we win by 12 next year, that's blowout country.

Think big; the moment has arrived!

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