Friday, September 16, 2005

Karl Rove Will Head Up the Gulf Coast Recovery Effort?!?!?

Bush's chief political adviser, hitman, and smear expert?!? A known pathological liar and traitor, who will stop at nothing to win, no matter what damage it does to America?? He's going to head up the recovery???

This whole matter is about to turn into an orgy of patronage for the Republicans and big, fat contracts for Bush's business friends. For that, you need Rove. I mean, why appoint someone qualified when you can appoint your top political whore?

I also notice that among the first things Bush did in the aftermath of Katrina was to suspend the Davis-Bacon Act's provisions in regard to paying the prevailing wage to construction workers in the Gulf area. In other words, he cut the pay of the very people who will be needed to help rebuild. Incredible.

By the way, a lot of conservatives are, this morning, barking about the cost of rebuilding New Orleans. They don't mind paying to rebuild Iraq, however. Baghdad, after all, isn't 70% black.

The defeat of these people has become an issue of national survival.

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