Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Food Aid for Katrina Victims to Be BURNED

The U.S. Government has declared tons and tons of food aid from Britain and elsewhere to be "unfit" for human consumption, even though the British food is exactly the same kind as is fed to British soldiers in Iraq. The never ending lunacy is here.


Anja Maria said...


Although, the Daily Mirror is sort of a British political tabloid (they had this awesome cover in '02)... and theirs' is the only article I've seen linked anywhere. Maybe they're exaggerating a bit. I certainly hope they are.

Umm, this is Angie (from Seminar), by the way. I hope you don't mind that I read your blog. Ken gave me the link, as I tend to follow politics a little more than he does.

If you want, I'll stop reading it? (I'd rather not.)

Anja Maria said...

*I meant '04. Wishful thinking... if it had been '02, we'd have an election next year.

Joseph said...

No, Angie, you can keep reading, but please keep my rather intense opinions private.

Anja Maria said...

I will be the soul of discretion!