Monday, September 26, 2005

The Republicans: Party of Corruption

I again take as my example the loathsome Tom DeLay, the #1 Republican criminal in the House (and there's some stiff competition). Check out this list of DeLay's crooked dealings. I'm particularly shocked by the way DeLay fights to protect shocking child labor exploitation.

This son of a bitch presents himself as an exemplary Christian as well, someone who loves to prance around Christian Coalition meetings denouncing the evil liberals. This adds the nauseating stench of hypocrisy to his utter and complete corruption. And who is DeLay's biggest defender? None other than His Fraudulency himself, the Boy Emperor George W. Bush.

The Republicans are run by crooks and liars, and it's really about that simple.
Gone are the days when being a Republican stood for something decent. Now, the Republicans are simply about power and money. And I have a feeling that when most of them do meet Jesus, they're in for one hell of a surprise.

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