Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lying Republican Thug Bill O'Reilly Gets His Head Handed to Him

And it was by Phil Donahue, no less. The video is here, via DKos.

To me, the most infuriating part, as you'll see, is when O'Reilly begins shouting and making B.S. accusations against Phil, accusing him of saying something he never said. This is utterly typical of the kind of vile, despicable "debating" tactics O'Reilly uses. O'Reilly is a complete fraud, a Republican huckster who pretends to be on the side of the ordinary person. He's also an emotionally unstable, pathological liar.

BTW, here's the sexual harassment suit filed against O'Reilly last year, courtesy of TSG. Also, you can find the Buzzflash interview with Al Franken, given after he cleaned O'Reilly's clock on C-SPAN in 2003, right here.

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