Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Republicans: Perverting the Message of Jesus

Republicans have convinced millions of Americans that screwing the poor is somehow consistent with the Christian message. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as Melinda Henneberger argues eloquently in Newsweek.

And they've also convinced millions of people that George W. Bush, the least empathetic and compassionate man imaginable, is the very symbol of Christian righteousness. Obscene. Just obscene.


Anonymous said...

Let me state these facts. Our nation is screwed up and it isn't a christian nation! This nation allows sex before marriage, adultry, abortions and supports people who do not want to work! The bible clearly staes, "No work, No food." Why should we support people who don't want to work? Welfare is a disgrace and should not be given to lazy people! I'm sick of people claiming this to be a christian nation, when this nation CLEARLY disrespects the Lord's word and truth! I'm sick of hearing the truth mangled so the american society can feel good about themselves. As for Mr. Bush, he is the best president this country has has in many years!

Mehal said...
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Mehal said...

Anonymous, I'm not really sure what your point of your incoherent rambling is, but I'll do my best to try and understand you.

The constant claim that we are a Christian nation is usually voiced either by some right-wing Fundamentalist trying to justify mandatory school prayer. Do you have a problem with him? If so, please explain what it is.

However, you are saying that we're not a Christian nation because we don't implement laws enforcing Christian morality, which you take to mean sex, abortions and the fact that we have a welfare system.

Yes, Thessalonians says that if a man does not work, he shall not eat. But the purpose of welfare is supposed to help out people in need, like a single mother who has to take care of her kids or some guy who lost his job and needs to buy food until he can get another job. And besides, James says that a pure and faultless religion is supposed to look after those in distress (James 1).

Oh what, am I taking stuff out of context here? I guess I'm right up there with fundies like you. Try reading your Bible instead of continuously pounding on it save only to open it to Leviticus and you will find messages of compassion, charity and peace that even an agno like me can appreciate.

And with respect to "Best president in many years..." The Bible has strong words about people who drink too much.

Don't mess with Miller man. He'll intellectually smack you worse than I just did.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here someone goes again...turning the Lord's words to benefit man. Why can't people just follow the word of God instead of trying to twist it to fit their life style. Yes, I do agree that helping people who are truly in need, but to help people who don't want to work and want to keep having kids? I draw the line with that thought. I also say go read your bible honestly and don't twist it to say what you want it to say. As far as shredding me, that never happened only your ignorance shined alittle brighter.

TheUnsubscriber said...

Anonymous, your argument is completely inconsistent. If the Bible states "no work, no food", you are sure some transgressor by later stating we ought to help those truly in need.

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Joseph said...

Anonymous, I thought you would be interested in checking out this site:

The site is a collection of God's pronouncements on helping the poor, straight from the Bible.

Mehal said...

Typical Bushie response anonymous. You don't even bother to read whatever was just posted. Instead, you go back to beating on the same point that you did before and deny that anyone said anything of value with some lame attempt at a comeback. Who do you think you are, Ann Coulter trying to be witty?

Why can't some people follow the word of God? Maybe its because people don't see the word of God just like you do. It seems you are the one guilty of twisting His words to suit your beliefs.

unsubscriber said...

well put, mehal.