Thursday, September 11, 2008


She says that Georgia should join NATO and if Russia invades it, we'll have to go to war.

h Russia.

Because Georgia is such a vital interest of the United States, I guess. That's news to me, btw.

She also says Ukraine should be admitted to NATO. I would like to point out that Russia would consider that an INTOLERABLE threat and would react according;y. It's an INCREDIBLY BAD IDEA.

This woman is as reckless, uninformed, dangerous, and irresponsible a candidate for high office as we have ever seen. There is a 50-50 chance right now she could win.

And a 1 in 6 chance she could become president in the next four years.

Yes, Obama and Biden are open to Georgia being in NATO (a bad idea, btw). But neither of them would ever be so reckless as to discuss the option of war with nuclear armed Russia with such disarming casualness.

And you say you don't have any time to help Obama and Biden?

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