Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Despite McCain's LIES, His Campaign Manager Was a Mortgage Lobbyist

And right up until last month, too. The New York Times has the irrefutable truth right here.

If this lying son of a bitch McCain and his equally disgusting, lying running mate Caribou Barbie get elected, we can kiss honest and decent government in this country goodbye--for keeps.


Anonymous said...

Joseph, I am sorry but I need to stop reading your blog. You are becoming an angry man. Your swearing offends me. I will rejoin you after the election. John in Janesville.

Joseph said...

John, I am sorry to hear this.

Yes, I AM an angry man. I am furious at the lies being thrown in my face. I am furious that a joke like Sarah Palin is being touted as a possible president. I am enraged by McCain's falsehoods, hypocrisy, and double talk. So this spills out into my language.

I hope you do indeed return later.

pablo said...


I have to say your swearing delights me. It accurately portrays the disgust of a decent and upright soul forced to tread in the surrounds of the Republican cess pool. Hang in there 'til November - better times are ahead.

Joseph said...

Pablo, you are the best, my dear friend.