Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The McCain Campaign Has Been Exposed for the Fraud It Is

Senator McCain has called for the postponing of the first presidential debate on Friday. He says all of his efforts must go into "solving" the financial crisis.

What a joke. It was McCain's allies who triggered the crisis by working behind the scenes to repeal the regulations that had kept some semblance of rationality in the financial markets. It was McCain himself who spoke out in favor of deregulating financial institutions. It was McCain's candidate for Secretary of the Treasury, Phil Gramm, who is more responsible than any other person for this mess. And Johnny Boy says he's going to help fix things? What a crock. By the way, just what exactly can he do in Washington? He hasn't shown up for his job since April. He's missed many, many key votes. The only thing he's going to do in Washington is pose for photos and act like he's doing something. Truly a farce.

Why is he really "suspending" his campaign and calling for a postponement of the debate? It's simple:


This is just a ridiculous stunt, and one more sign of the McCain campaign's bottomless contempt for the American people. He thinks Americans are stupid and inattentive, and he thinks he can lie to them a thousand times and they'll buy it. He's wrong.

And meanwhile, the most sickeningly unqualified candidate for vice president in our history is sealed tightly in her media cocoon. After having made a fool of herself talking to ABC's Charles Gibson, she has limited her "interviews" to a laughable infomercial on Fox "News" with greasy little punk Sean Hannity. She will not submit to a news conference because the McCain campaign knows the truth: Her selection was nothing more than a gimmick, designed to try to sucker women into voting for a woman who is against all major women's rights. Palin is now sinking like a stone in public opinion polling, and deservedly so.

Finally, I'll say this, and some of you may vehemently disagree: if Barack Obama were a white male named John Smith he'd be 15 to 20 points ahead and the pundits would be talking about this election in Johnson-Goldwater terms. But he isn't. He's an African American with a strange name. I can think of no other reason that this election is even close (although Obama is now clearly in the lead.) We have in the Democratic presidential candidate a brilliant, insightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, enormously talented man, a true LEADER in every sense of the word, backed up by the U.S. Senate's top foreign policy expert, Joe Biden. In the Republican presidential candidate we have an emotionally unstable, corrupt, lying, ethically bankrupt man
who has amazingly little to show for a 26 year career in Congress, backed up by a right wing fanatic with no real knowledge or expertise on any issue, someone who argues that she has "foreign policy" knowledge because her state is close to Russia!!  As I said, if Barack were white, this thing wouldn't even be close.

Seldom has our choice been so clear or so stark. We can go with the modern day FDR, or we can go with Herbert Hoover McCain, one of the principal architects of the utterly unneeded war in Iraq and the terrifying economic crisis with which we are now confronted. In Obama we have a steady hand, a sound mind, excellent judgment, and a capacity for greatness. In McCain we have a violent temper, shockingly bad judgment, and a craven desire to win at any cost. He is a dishonorable man in every way.

Whether our country has a fighting chance or whether it continues to swirl down to its destruction now depends on you and me. I fervently hope and pray that we make the right choice. We may not get another chance.


Heather said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. Keep fighting the good fight!

Just to update you, down here at UIUC, we've registered 3,000 students to vote so far this semester, and we'll be working hard right up to Oct. 7. I encourage everyone who reads this to GET INVOLVED so that you do not regret not having done enough to ensure that Obama will soar into the position that he so truly deserves.

Every little bit helps. Call undecided voters. Take a trip to battleground states like Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, etc. Donate money and/or time. DO SOMETHING! So much is at stake!

* Valerie * said...

Oceania is at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Joseph said...

Thanks both of you! You're fantastic!