Saturday, September 13, 2008

John McCain and Sarah Palin's PATHETIC LIES

1. Palin claims she went to Iraq. LIE. She never got past Kuwait.
2. Palin claims she was opposed to the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere".
LIE. She campaigned for it, and after it came under fire, she kept the money that had been earmarked for it.
3. McCain claims Palin is against earmarks and pork barrel spending.
LIE. Alaska gets more federal aid per person than any other state in the Union.
4. McCain claims he has never approved earmarks.
LIE. He has regularly sought special funds for Arizona.
5. McCain claims Obama wanted to teach sex education to 5 year olds, a lie he specifically defended on "The View" on ABC. LIE. DAMNED, FILTHY, OUTRIGHT LIE.
6. McCain claims Obama ignored wounded U.S. soldiers when Obama visited Germany. LIE.
7. McCain claims that Obama wants to raise everyone's taxes. LIE. Obama will CUT taxes for 95% of the working people of America.
8. McCain claims that since Alaska is next to Russia that Palin has  foreign policy expertise. LIE. Palin has never been to Russia, has never met any Russian leaders, has never studied Russian history or politics, and does not speak Russian. Some expertise.
9. McCain claims that Palin is America's foremost energy expert. LAUGHABLE, RIDICULOUS LIE.  She knows more than T. Boone Pickens? More than the heads of our oil, natural gas, nuclear, and alternative energy industries? More than the directors, for example, of General Electric and ExxonMobil. Seriously, how stupid does he think we are?
10. McCain says he supports stem cell research. LIE. The Republican platform specifically opposes it. 
11.  Palin claims she's ready to be president. LIE. Even many conservatives are dismayed by the shallowness of her "knowledge" of world affairs and national issues.
12.  McCain claims to be a reformer. LIE.  McCain's campaign directors ARE ALL LOBBYISTS. McCain's chief advisors ARE ALL WASHINGTON INSIDER CON ARTISTS. This lie is so brazen that it borders on breath-taking.
13. McCain claims to be an agent of change. LIE. He has been one of George W. Bush's most fervent supporters since 2001.
14. McCain claims to be "principled" and "honorable". LIES, BOTH OF THEM. He has switched positions on more than 70 issues, always choosing the most fiercely right-wing view, in order to suck up to the Republican "base". And in his campaign of lies, he has shown himself to be a dishonorable, wretched jackal.

McCain and Palin are running the ugliest, most atrocious campaign of lies in American history. The victory of such morally bankrupt people would be a tragedy and a near fatal blow to our nation's future. All patriots who love America should now rally to Obama and Biden. The alternative is unthinkable--literally.

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