Thursday, September 25, 2008

No, by God, No!

Pathetic Sarah Palin is AGAIN trying to convince us that proximity to Russia=knowledge of Russia. Her latest absolutely idiotic contention? Since Russian political leaders sometimes fly over Alaska, this adds to her knowledge of Russia. She ACTUALLY SAID THIS to Katie Couric.

Is this nation turning into an insane asylum? How can this election still be relatively close? How can Obama and Biden not be 30 points ahead? Palin is not only a pathological liar, she's one of these frightening ignoramuses who doesn't realize how ignorant she actually is. She has a sort of Bold Idiocy, a completely unwarranted confidence in her own abilities. She's also buddies with a demented African preacher who prays that she will be protected from witchcraft. FROM WITCHCRAFT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

No. Hell no. By God, no. I will not accept this woman as a national leader. If by some grotesque turn of events she ends up in the Oval Office, I will be part of a national movement to remove her from it. I'm drawing the line here and now.

To paraphrase the French at Verdun, SHE SHALL NOT PASS!

By the way, I speak some Russian, I have visited Russia, and I have studied Russian history and politics. That makes me one hell of a lot more qualified than Caribou Barbie, the Alaska Disasta!

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* Valerie * said...

I know some Cyrillic letters and own Russian Scrabble - that makes ME more qualified than Palin. :o)