Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain (Once Again) Falls Flat on His Face

The Wall Street bailout bill has failed in the House. Sixty per cent of the House Democrats voted FOR it; 67% of the House Republicans voted AGAINST it. McCain was, idiotically and prematurely, crowing about how his "leadership" (ha!) had gotten the bailout done, and then the House Republicans torpedoed the bill. Now McCain is trying to blame Obama and the Democrats for the collapse.  My God, what a complete loser this clown McCain is.

BTW, the Republicans voted against the bill BECAUSE IT DIDN'T ABOLISH THE CAPITAL GAINS TAX AND IT DIDN'T WIPE OUT ALL GOVERNMENT REGULATION. Their opposition had NOTHING to do with the interests of ordinary Americans. NOTHING.

Wall Street is getting clobbered today. The real adult in this crisis, the real leader, the truly presidential figure here, Barack Obama, is working to get a bill through that will both ease Wall Street's financial worries and protect the interests of working Americans. The contrast between Obama's calm, mature judgment and McCain's craven, lying childishness, is overwhelming.

There really is only one choice for America's future.

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