Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Glenn Greenwald Exposes the McCain Campaign of Lies and Fraud

The invaluable Glenn Greenwald is thoroughly disgusted by John McCain's ugly campaign of lies, smears, and distractions, and he unleashes both barrels on it here. It is well worth the few minutes of your time it will take to read it. His point is that in stirring up phony "controversies", the Republican Slime Machine is aided and abetted by a thoroughly complicit news media.

I get almost desperate when I think of the trouble this country is in, and how the Republicans so often grab the attention of the public with childish, idiotic lies, causing the public to ignore the terrible, multiple crises we face. Our financial system is close to meltdown. Our national debt--accumulated since George Washington was president--has grown by SIXTY PER CENT (60%!) under George W. Bush, whose economic policies McCain has completely embraced. Poverty in America has increased since 2001, Americans as a nation now spend more than they earn, and fifty million Americans are without health insurance. Our military is stretched thin, Pakistan is rapidly becoming more unstable, the war in Afghanistan is not going well, and the cracks in the wall we've managed to paper over in Iraq are threatening once again to widen. Our nation will face grave challenges in the coming years as climate issues, struggles for resources, and political upheaval in the Third World accelerate. In short, America is going over the cliff, and the Republicans, led by two of the most utterly shameless liars in our political history, are STILL trying to get us to ignore all of that and to focus instead on phony issues. 

Well, I'll say this: if the Republican tactics work again in 2008, we won't have to worry about our nation's future.

We won't have much of a future left.

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