Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No, Mr. Krauthammer, It is Not 1938

Recently, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the situation of Jews in the world today is as dangerous as it was in 1938, when Nazi Germany was on the march. The reason? The anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying government of Iran, a government which seeks to obtain nuclear weapons, a government which has vowed to wipe out Israel. He even finds grim symbolic significance in the fact that Israel's population has reached 6 million. His underlying message? A strike on Iran is imperative if we are to prevent a second Holocaust.
Absolute rubbish. The position of Jews today is nowhere near the desperate circumstances of 1938, when Jews were denied safe haven even in the United States and there was no Jewish state in the world. Today, the world's greatest superpower is Israel's best friend. Israel itself is bristling with nuclear weapons which can be delivered in a variety of ways. Iran is five to ten years from having even a SINGLE nuclear weapon. Jews are not the friendless, practically defenseless people they were almost 70 years ago. Krauthammer's contention is absurd on its face and is hardly worth taking seriously.
Krauthammer is part of the same crowd that was willing to lie and exaggerate in order to stampede public opinion into a war in Iraq. This time, Chuck, it's gonna be no sale. The American people got suckered once. They won't swallow lies again. Israel is fully capable of defending itself, and even a government as stupid and reckless as that of Iran's understands that.

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