Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment is a Deliberate Distraction

Facing potential electoral disaster in November, the Republicans are desperate to change the subject from the real issues facing the country. They want to focus on distractions and irrelevant "problems". Look at the entry directly below this one--a graphic summary of the latest ABC News-Washington Post poll--and you'll understand why. On every single issue, the Republicans are on the losing end, even the fight against terrorism. Additionally, today's Rasmussen poll, which trends Republican, has the Republicans scraping bottom with 33% of the generic House vote (against 48% for the Democrats). If the undecideds were to split the same way, the Democrats would win 59% to 41% (!) if the election were held today. No wonder the radical Right is pushing the "marriage protection" amendment to the Constitution (which will NOT pass the Senate). The measure is designed to do one thing: stir up the maniacal hatred of gays that characterizes the emotionally crippled humans that make up the extreme Right's voters, and thus get them to go to the polls to support their beloved Georgie and all his Abramoff-connected friends in Congress. It's a cynical, ugly, hatred-driven piece of total bullshit. That's why I'm not surprised the Republicans are pushing it. Fear and hatred are the only things they know how to run on any more.

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