Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Evidence Proves It: The "Swift Boat Veterans" Were Damned Liars

There was no aspect of Bush and Cheney's 2004 campaign that was more despicable and dishonest than the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth", the biggest collection of liars, conmen, and bullshit artists in American political history. Funded entirely by major Bush contributors such as corporate crook T. Boone Pickens, and coordinated WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE AND APPROVAL OF BUSH, the Swift Boat Liars crippled John Kerry's campaign, perhaps fatally, with their filth and slander. Now, new evidence has emerged that totally vindicates John Kerry and rips to shred the tissues of lies put out by the Swiftboat Scum. You can read about it here, courtesy of DKos.
Some of you may wonder why I hate the leadership of the Republican Party so passionately, and why I am so committed to their utter political destruction. This is part of the reason why. As was observed at the time, Bush's entire presidential campaign career represents the biggest and most vicious attack ever mounted by draft dodgers and deserters against those who served--John McCain, Al Gore, and John Kerry, each of whom has more guts and bravery in their little fingers than W has in his whole miserable fucking body. The Swiftboat Frauds have dishonored themselves forever by their lies, and have forsaken any praise they deserve for their service to our country. By helping the cause of the most disastrous president in American history, they have damaged their own country in way which may never be reparable.


Moose Dung said...

John Kerry "torpedoed" his Presidential campaign when he:

a) decided to lead the VVAW;
b) lied to the American public about what his brothers in arms were doing in Vietnam; and,
c) testified before congress about "the crimes uncovered during his investigation" of a bunch of poseurs in Detroit.

No amount of finely coiffed prose from the NYT is going to fix it. Read carefully, he has NO NEW EVIDENCE regarding his treason.

If he wants to prove something, he should prove the veracity of his testimony at the Winter Soldier hearings. Anything short of that is window dressing.

Jesse MacBeth = John Kerry

Where do you think Jesse got the idea?


PS. Begin weaving conspiracy theories at will.

Joseph said...

moose dung:

At the winter soldier hearings, Kerry was repeating WHAT OTHER VIETNAM VETS HAD TOLD HIM. He was not leveling fresh accusations.

Kerry withdrew from VVAW when it became too radical.

Kerry VOLUNTEERED for Vietnam. The coward and deserter Bush avoided service there.

I personally knew Vietnam veterans who saw atrocities committed WITH THEIR OWN EYES, and in one case I know, PARTICIPATED IN THEM. I do not judge them, because I haven't been in a war and I can't judge those who have. I know men do terrible things in terrible situations. But I'm old enough to know that we inflicted a lot of unnecessary suffering in Vietnam, a war which was a tragic mistake on our part.

Kerry committed no treason. He was speaking out against a war he had seen personally, as opposed to gutless cowards like Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush.

The NYT article COMPLETELY vindicates Kerry. COMPLETELY.

Moose Dung said...

[JOSEPH]"At the winter soldier hearings, Kerry was repeating WHAT OTHER VIETNAM VETS HAD TOLD HIM. He was not leveling fresh accusations.

[Dung]Obviously you didn't read my post. Try again.

[JOSEPH]"The NYT article COMPLETELY vindicates Kerry. COMPLETELY."

[Dung] NYT Article doesn't address the issue. Neither does Kerry in the interview. Neither do the sidebar documents.

Sorry for disturbing your slumber. I'm leaving now.


Joseph said...

moose dung, the war in Vietnam was fought with great brutality on ALL sides. The Communists were far worse, but we don't measure our behavior by that of our enemies.

Kerry EARNED the right to speak out against the war. He was hardly the most radical person to do so.

You said he lied about what his brothers in arms were doing. I'm saying you're wrong there. And I've got proof to back it up. As I said, I don't judge men who have been in situations that I have been. I just want the truth.

The war was a catastrophe. Perhaps 4 million Vietnamese civilians died. (See this page.) Why can't you simply acknowledge that Kerry saw things you didn't (or if you moose dung are a Vietnam Vet, things in his sector you didn't see in yours).

I met one of Kerry's ACTUAL CREWMATES in 2004. He was fiercely devoted to Kerry and outraged by the Swiftboat Frauds. To me, that says all I need to know about who's credible--and who's not.

Joseph said...

Sorry, in my third paragraph, fourth line, it should read "that I have NOT been."