Monday, May 15, 2006

Former Weapons Inspector: Bush Wasn't Interested in Facts

Read about it here. In the run-up for war, Bush and his people deliberately ignored or suppressed anything that contradicted their preconceived views and blatantly lied about it afterward. Intro graphs:
A year after Bush administration claims about Iraqi "bioweapons trailers" were discredited by American experts, U.S. officials were still suppressing the findings, says a senior member of the
CIA-led Iraq inspection team.

At one point, former U.N. arms inspector Rod Barton says, a CIA officer told him it was "politically not possible" to report that the White House claims were untrue. In the end, Barton says, he felt "complicit in deceit."
Read the rest for more depressing confirmation of the sheer bald-faced lies being told by Bush and his flunkies about Iraq.

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