Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just So We're Clear...

  • I do not think we are in the End Times. I do not think the Rapture is about to occur. I think the human race will continue to muddle through for many centuries. But I could be wrong. If so, I'll endure the tribulation. (But I don't think I'll have to.)
  • Embryonic stem cell research should continue. A zygote is not a person. A five year old kid dying of something stem cell research could cure is.
  • Gay marriage? Why not? For years people have complained that gays tomcat around recklessly. Stable monogamous relations among them should be welcomed. Gay marriage "undermines" marriage? You mean like marriage hasn't been made a farce of by Britney Spears already?
  • Birth control: a fundamental right for all sexually active people. Think of it as abortion prevention. Want less abortion? Support birth control for all.
  • The evolutionary purpose of sex in humans, as I understand it from studying anthropology, was never simply for procreation. Couples remained pair bonded because of it. It was used to express closeness, intimacy, love, simple lust (nothin' wrong with that, folks!), and a spirit of reconciliation after arguments (make-up sex). Procreation is a central function, but not the sole one. On one level, sex is a form of play among consenting adults. It should be loving and joyous. If it is, it's glorious, for whatever reason it was done.
  • I'm pretty sure no one understands God. The human attempt to understand God is akin to a bacterium trying to understand Stephen Hawking. I also don't think God endorses political candidates, and anyone who claims He does is either a liar or a psychotic.
  • Stop busting people for marijuana. Legalize it and tax it, for crying out loud.
  • If the United States survives until 2100, it will be a minor miracle, considering the way things are going.

That's about all for now.

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