Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush Cut Plans for Thousands of Border Guards JUST LAST YEAR

And he has the nerve to call up an already overtaxed National Guard to patrol the southern border? This article sets the record straight:
Officially approved by Bush on Dec. 17 [2004] after extensive bickering in Congress, the National Intelligence Reform Act included the requirement to add 10,000 border patrol agents in the five years beginning with 2006. Roughly 80 percent of the agents were to patrol the southern U.S. border from Texas to California, along which thousands of people cross into the United States illegally every year.

But Bush's proposed 2006 budget, revealed Monday, funds only 210 new border agents. (Emphasis added)
Bush serious about border security? That's a joke, right?


pablo said...

Just would be a really nice trick to convince individuals they were signing up to patrol borders in the U.S., and then come up with a convenient excuse to move them over to the Middle East. Solves that recruiting problem, eh?

Joseph said...