Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bush Scraping Bottom

Yet more bad news for the Boy King from Newsweek. His approval rating has dropped to 36%. This follows on the Harris Poll which puts His Fraudulency down 29%-71% (!) and the Gallup poll which has him down 31%-65% (!). The key section from the Newsweek article:
Iraq continues to be the biggest drain on the president’s popularity: 86 percent of Americans say the Iraq situation, coupled with new information about the decision to go to war, have negatively influenced their view of the president. Asked about Bush’s performance on a variety of issues, from the economy to taxes, respondents gave the president some of the worst marks of his tenure, and in no instance did approval reach more than 50 percent.

Anger over the recent spike in prices at the pump has cost the president dearly: only 17 percent of Americans approve of the way Bush is handling gas prices. Nor do they like the way he is dealing with the federal budget deficit (only 19 percent approve) or immigration policy (25 percent). Even as Congress was approving the latest Bush tax cuts this week, public opinion of his handling of taxes dropped to a record low for him of 39 percent. Half of Americans (50 percent) now think George W. Bush will go down in history as a “below-average” president. (Emphasis gleefully added.)
The survey also goes on to say that the majority of Americans find the phone record surveys being down by the NSA to be overly intrusive and that the Democrats hold at 17 point lead in the generic House election preferences.
As I've said over and over: Democrats, he's down. GO FOR THE SON OF A BITCH'S THROAT.
Kick the radical Republican Right HARD, where it counts. Nationalize the 2006 election. My message is simple:
  • Make the election a referendum on Bush, Cheney, and the Republican congressional leadership.
  • Push HARD for voting security. Don't let the Republicans count the votes and steal yet another election.
  • Work, give money, and volunteer time for your local Democrats.

The iron is white hot. STRIKE NOW!

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