Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bush to Veterans: Drop Dead (Again)

There is so much dishonesty and hypocrisy in the Bush White House that it's hard to get outraged by all of it, but one thing still pisses me off mightily. That's the argument that Bush is "pro-military". Bullshit. This editorial nails that lie decisively:
Today, many of President Bush's strongest supporters call the VA a welfare system. His critics claim he is working to dismantle the VA, to ultimately privatize its services.

Bush, who sends soldiers to risk their lives every day in Iraq, strongly supports rescinding the lifetime healthcare benefits promised to WWII and Korean veterans. His proposed budgets, despite dollar amount increases, don't factor in inflation or the increasing numbers of veterans needing healthcare, and thus have repeatedly failed to fully fund benefits to the men and women who have served our country.

Consequently, VA hospitals and clinics have closed, many veterans' healthcare programs have been cut back or eliminated, entire groups of vets have been denied eligibility for service, and those that are eligible may wait months and even years for appointments and necessary surgeries at the remaining VA facilities.

But the president lectures us about the importance of supporting our troops.
Bush is the ultimate poseur. He is a fraud who let American taxpayers train him to fly and then refused service in Vietnam. He walked away from his National Guard commitment early. He played dressup in that disgusting, revolting display on an aircraft carrier in May 2003. He attacks genuine war heroes in the most vicious, dishonorable ways possible. And he pretends to be a friend of veterans. But in reality Bush thinks that veterans are only welfare deadbeats to be screwed just like anybody else who doesn't have a lot of money. He hides behind the PR facade of support for our troops while flipping them off behind their backs.
Bush: a national disgrace and a complete, utter coward.

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