Monday, May 15, 2006

An Astoundingly Important Article by Frank Rich

It's right here, courtesy of The Progressive American. It details the unbelievable chain of screw-ups and political ass coverings that have characterized Bush's appointees to key intelligence positions. It's also a tale of almost surreal incompetence. This was my "favorite" part:
It was under General Hayden [Bush's proposed new CIA chief] a self-styled electronic surveillance whiz, that the N.S.A. intercepted actual Qaeda messages on Sept. 10, 2001 — "Tomorrow is zero hour" for one — and failed to translate them until Sept. 12. That same fateful summer, General Hayden's N.S.A. also failed to recognize that "some of the terrorists had set up shop literally under its nose," as the national-security authority James Bamford wrote in The Washington Post in 2002. The Qaeda cell that hijacked American Flight 77 and plowed into the Pentagon was based in the same town, Laurel, Md., as the N.S.A., and "for months, the terrorists and the N.S.A. employees exercised in some of the same local health clubs and shopped in the same grocery stores."
My God, is there ANYTHING these idiots are capable of doing right? Anything at ALL??

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