Friday, April 28, 2006

Yes! Limbaugh Arrested

Ah, what a headline, one I've waited to write. Rush Limbaugh, also known as the "fat assed drug addict" (thank you, Paul Hackett!) was arrested this afternoon after turning himself in. Limbaugh is accused of prescription shopping for oxycontin. According to NBC news tonight, he was doing this to the tune of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK. (WTF??) Now, normally I feel sympathy for people who need these meds, but it's damn tough in this case. (The Pigman was released on $3,000 bail.)
Limbaugh is a lying, draft dodging, slandering coward who refuses to engage in open debate, instead hiding behind his microphone and feeding the masturbatory fantasies of his troglodyte audience. It's about damn time he was busted. Powerful conservatives seem to think they have the right to violate the law with impunity. I'm glad this bastard knows he can't.
UPDATE: Now it looks like he'll only have to pay a nominal fine and be given "supervision". Oh well. It's Republican America. What did you expect?

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