Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Movie You Need to See: United 93

Yes, the new movie about 9/11 is every bit as extraordinary as you've heard. It is told in (roughly) real time, present tense fashion. It has no big stars in it. It does not make the hijackers into cardboard caricatures. It makes no political statements and promotes no conspiracy theories. It has no "Hollywood" touches, no false notes, no contrived situations. It depicts fully the terror, horror, and heroism of what happened on the day that a group of Americans decided to take action to defend their country even at the cost of their own lives.
Looking again at the horrible images of Twin Towers ablaze, I wanted to shake the terrorist bastards furiously and shout, "You actually think this is right? You actually think God wants you to do this??" It is the terrifying sincerity of the terrorists depicted in this movie, the conviction with which their prayers are said, that horrifies me the most. Out of the most deeply felt certainty the most obscene actions can arise. Such people cannot be reasoned with. They can only be fought.
Upon the film's shattering conclusion, the audience filed out. I have never heard a quieter group leaving a theater in all my life. Everyone was stunned and shaken. The film's impact was that overwhelming. I urge you to go an see it and judge for yourself. You will leave with a renewed appreciation for those who so selflessly sacrificed themselves on that darkest of all sunlit days.

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