Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cockroach Man: A Coward Hiding Behind Jesus

The fall of Tom DeLay has been noted in these parts with great satisfaction. DeLay was and is a crook, pure and simple. The Republican money machine he built by threatening and milking lobbyists is still alive and well. (It must be the objective of good Democrats, Independents, and fed-up Republicans everywhere to smash this corrupt entity to pieces as soon as possible.) DeLay's ties not only to Jack Abramoff but to shady characters inside of the Russian government are both shocking and a national disgrace.
What makes all this particularly repulsive to me is the way DeLay and his followers regularly compare DeLay to Jesus, claiming martyrdom for the fallen majority leader. DeLay also says he was driven out because of his "Christian" faith. I reply, "No you weren't, you vicious little son of a bitch. You were driven out because you were corrupt down to your toenails. How DARE you hide behind Jesus. You wouldn't know genuine Christian charity, love, compassion for the poor, or decency if they walked up and bit you on the ass." By attempting to link himself to Jesus and invoking the Nazarene's name for the sake of political cover DeLay simply proves once again what a despicable, low-life bastard he really is.

UPDATE: Lance has sent this to help illuminate the matter.

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